Petanque bowls production sale

To play la petanque the player must “fail” while standing, without taking any kind of momentum with bowls which can be of white league or yellow league. The bowls must have a diameter ranging from 70.5 to 80 mm and a weight ranging from 650 to 800 gr.

The Petanque is therefore characterized by precise rules, different from the classic ones of the sport of bowls and the petanque bowls have specific dimensions and characteristics.

Boule du Jour in Pianezza (Turin Italy) specializes in the production and sale throughout Italy and especially abroad of professional petanque bowls with numerically controlled machines that guarantee perfect balance and sphericity.

Its highly trained and attentive staff provides valid after-sales assistance, which allows each customer to contact the company for any need.

All the petanque produced by Boule du Jour are guaranteed by the Piedmontese company.

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