Manufacture of petanque balls

Boule du Jour specialises in the manufacture of professional petanque balls with numerically controlled machines that guarantee perfect balance and sphericity. The company, located in Pianezza, makes petanque balls for players with high standards and versatile needs, who are looking for high performance and excellent results. Boule du Jour also allows its customers to purchase petanque balls from the company La Boule Bleue, an historic company within the sector, which has been producing FFPJP and FIPJP approved steel petanque balls since 1904.

Boule du Jour is renowned in the production of petanque balls in Italy: partly because of the quality it offers, and partly because it allows customers to select different groove options and to customise balls depending on their tastes. This company, located in Pianezza, offers various types of groove options, which are made using cutting-edge machines, as well as the possibility of customising petanque balls with your initials or name (up to 9 characters). Markers for petanque balls are also available: these are perfect for adding colour to grooves and making your balls more visible.

Manufacture of petanque balls

All petanque balls made by Boule du Jour are guaranteed by our Piedmontese company. Our staff offer post-sale assistance so that every customer can turn to us whatever their needs. In addition, by contacting Boule du Jour before purchasing, we can help you to understand all the options for customising your petanque balls and help you make the best choice based on your tastes and style of play. This is what makes our company a benchmark – not just for professionals and those with a passion for the sport, but also for those who are looking to venture into this fascinating and ancient sport for the first time.

Below, you can view all the groove options available for petanque balls.

Customisation of bocce balls

At Boule du Jour, every player can customise their bocce balls with an engraving of their initiations or name (up to 9 characters). We also offer markers for bocce balls: these allow you to colour in the grooves of your bocce balls, making them unique and personal, as well as more visible on the playing field.

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