Grooves and balance for bocce balls

Boule du Jour offers fifty different types of groove options for bocce balls, which are made using a specific groove machine that is numerically controlled. This innovative and cutting-edge tool guarantees exceptional balance for your bocce balls in all game scenarios and for all requirements. As well as selecting their preferred groove option for their bocce balls, customers can request depth and the engraving of their own initials or the addition of their name (up to 9 characters). The company also offers coloured markers to personalise bocce balls depending on the tastes and requests of the customer.

Boule du Jour is a benchmark for those who love the game of bocce – whether they are professionals or simply play for fun. It is also a trusted partner for those who want to venture into this fascinating and ancient sport. Our staff are always available to provide our customers with information and advice, and to help guide them in the purchase of the best bocce ball for their needs and tastes. Boule du Jour also offers a post-sale assistance service to help resolve any problems that may arise after purchase. Of course, all bocce balls manufactured and sold are guaranteed 100% by our Piedmontese company.

Boule du Jour allows our customers to select the groove option that best suits their style of play and personality. This means that you can customise your own bocce ball with lines and shapes in various colours, making it unique and inimitable. The option of adding colour to the grooves also helps during the game: it makes your bocce ball more visible on the ground and helps you play to your best.

Customisation of bocce balls

At Boule du Jour, every player can customise their bocce balls with an engraving of their initiations or name (up to 9 characters). We also offer markers for bocce balls: these allow you to colour in the grooves of your bocce balls, making them unique and personal, as well as more visible on the playing field.

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