Bocce ball fillings

Boule du Jour specialises in the manufacture of professional bocce balls that guarantee perfect balance and sphericity thanks to the use of numerically controlled machines. Both filled and unfilled bocce balls are available for players with high standards and varying tastes, guaranteeing exceptional performance and versatility thanks to the quality of the materials used and the techniques employed in their manufacture. Indeed, Boule du Jour uses special bocce ball fillings based on their use, ensuring exceptional precision and reliability.

Boccia Balls G17

G17 bocce balls

With professional G17 bocce balls, the elastic bands inside are made from rubber weighed down with silicon. The cylinder also boasts a weight of around 2.7g. These characteristics make these bocce balls perfect for progressive shots and precision shots.

Boccia Ball A11

The A11 bocce ball

The unfilled A11 bocce ball for point scorers is made from bronze, a material that guarantees perfect balance and sphericity. It is no coincidence that this bocce ball is a favourite among those who love to try daring shots.

Boccia Ball L20

The L20 bocce ball

The L20 is a bocce ball for versatile players. These balls are made using elastic bands weighed down with silicon, the result of many years of experience and experimentation. For the cylinder that is used as a counterweight, we use small steel cylinders. This filling means that these bocce balls offer a high performance thanks to their balancing properties, anti-bounce properties, and durability over time.

Boccia Ball B12N

The B12 bocce ball

The B12, a bocce ball suitable for all players, is made using an elastic band consisting of a mixture of weighted and lubricated rubber with calcium stearate. These materials give it a notable balance and an anti-bounce effect that makes it perfect for point scorers and occasional players.

Boccia Ball COR

The new COR Bocce Ball

The new COR bocce ball is made with a filling consisting of a single anti-tangle steel chain cortex. These materials make it excellent for scoring points.

New COR 2 Boccia Ball

The new COR 2 bocce ball

The new COR 2 bocce ball is filled with a double anti-tangle steel chain cortex. This means that the bocce ball offers high performance and an excellent points yield.

Customisation of bocce balls

At Boule du Jour, every player can customise their bocce balls with an engraving of their initiations or name (up to 9 characters). We also offer markers for bocce balls: these allow you to colour in the grooves of your bocce balls, making them unique and personal, as well as more visible on the playing field.

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