Manufacture and sale of professional bocce balls

Boule du Jour is a company that is renowned all over the world for the manufacture and sale of professional bocce balls. Established in 1958 and boasting more than 60 years of experience in the sector, the company stands today as a benchmark for professionals and fans of this sport, but also associations and commercial activities that operate in the sports sector. Boule du Jour is located in Pianezza, in the province of Turin, but boasts clients all over Italy and abroad, who trust the quality of its products, the reliability and professionalism that it has always shown throughout its years of operation, and its deep passion for the world of bocce.


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The company, located in Pianezza in the province of Turin, offers its customers many unmissable offers for purchasing and customising new and professional balls for the games of bocce and petanque.
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Customisation of bocce balls

At Boule du Jour, every player can customise their bocce balls with an engraving of their initiations or name (up to 9 characters). We also offer markers for bocce balls: these allow you to colour in the grooves of your bocce balls, making them unique and personal, as well as more visible on the playing field.


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